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The sale of products of Tabita Glow Skin Care in Indonesia is only done from mouth to mouth, from friend to sibling; there is no official place to sell it in Indonesia. The knowledge from the result and benefit of Tabita Skin Care products is from the review of the satisfied customers who get benefit from purchasing the treatment products of Tabita on , the online store. Many users recommend the products to their friends. There are more customers to feel the benefit. Nowadays, we also often find the sellers of fake Tabita products when it comes to the marketing of Tabita Skin Care products.

The buyers and potential buyers should be careful in purchasing the products. Buy the products of Tabita Skin Care in a place that you can trust, like, don’t be tempted by a very low price.

Nowadays, there are many fake Tabita creams with a price of Tabita products that are not reasonable. It is used by certain people just for profit by harming other people. Those people often claim that they are the owner or the manufacturer of Tabita. We need to know that the manufacturer of original Tabita Skin Care cream never publish him/herself as the owner or the pioneer of Tabita products. Nowadays, we are here to give a very competitive price with the guarantee of originality from our Tabita products.


“Disclaimer”**: There is the possibility of different result and reaction process for every people. We do not give any guarantee on the users, this information is only reference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where does Tabita Skin Care come from?
  • The original product of Tabita is made in Indonesia by the beauty expert. The ingredient is made of the selected raw material with the proof to give benefit as the whitening and lightening solutions of skin care.
  • Is Tabita Skin Care safe to use for skin?
  • Thank God, for 10 years, there is nobody complaining about the products until now. It means that this product does not have any side effect, not like what is stated by the rumor. Moreover, Tabita Skin Care is also exported to Malaysia and other countries in Asia and it becomes very popular.
  • How to differentiate Original Tabita from the fake one? Nowadays, there are many people claiming that their products are original?
  • If you are familiar with Tabita, you can know its originality. The difference is in the cream, for day or night cream. you can check the detail, click here
  • For the Exclusive Tabita Package in 30 gr and 25 gr, how long can I use it?
  • 30 gr of Exclusive Package can be used for three months and 25 gr of Regular Package can be used for two months.
  • What is the advantage of Tabita Cream over other creams?
  • Cream of Tabita Skin Care has the pearl powder; it makes the product expensive.
  • When can the reaction from using the Tabita products be felt after regular use?
  • In the first two weeks, you can feel the reaction. Usually in 3-4 weeks, you can feel the change. It also depends on facial skin since there is a different possibility for every person with different condition of facial skin.
  • Are the products of Tabita Skin Care able to solve and cure the acne and acne scars?
  • One of the benefits of Tabita Skin Care products is the ability to solve the acne and acne scars after the acne is dry.
  • If I still have acne after using Tabita, what should I do?
  • One of the functions of treatment package from Tabita Skin Care is to remove the dirt from skin. If you still have acne, the skin is still not clean.
  • Just keep using Tabita and you can apply the acne cream to optimize your treatment.

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