Matt finishing Tabita Glow Skin Care

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Matt finishing Tabita Glow Skin Care is the liquid foundation as the safe choice for all skin types. Its formula is soft and easy to penetrate in skin pores, so the make-up will look more natural. It has two types of formula with liquid as its main ingredient for oily skin and oil for dry skin.

Matt finishing Tabita Glow Skin Care

Matt finishing Tabita Glow Skin Care

It is very easy to be used since you do not need to apply face powder again on it , The matt finishing from Tabita Skin Care gives 2 benefits for your skin, the application of make-up will look natural and it implies the flawlessness of your skin as the result of frequent use of this product. After you use the basic package of skin treatment, your skin will be flawless. You do not need to use bold make-up anymore to cover the spots on face. With liquid falsification from Tabita Skin Care, it is very enough as your make-up. It can give the shinning & glowing effects on face; your face will be bright, clean, and chewy (you don’t need to use it every day). Just use it when you hang out.

Matt Foundation of Tabita Skin Care is more suitable for the adult since it can be adjusted based on their needs.
The function of matt finishing from Tabita Skin Care can be categorised in general as follows:

  • Covering flaw on face, such as acne scars, black spots, and redness around nose.
  • Hiding the wrinkles on face.
  • Moisturiser for dry face.
  • Covering black circle (although Concealer is more suitable for it).
  • Making your face flawless.

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