Face Powder Tabita Glow Skin Care

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FACE POWDER TABITA GLOW SKIN CARE is the face powder in a loose item from Tabita Glow Skin Care. The effect of face powder from Tabita Skin Care is proven to be natural with the best result to make face look white naturally, not like when you use face powder. It can be united naturally with the color of your facial skin.

The face powder is the item with the anti-irritation formula since 100% of ingredient is pure talc without any chemicals; it makes your skin glow, shinning, and soft as if it reflects the light. It is very safe, healthy, natural, without any side effect at all, such as comedo, acne, etc.

Face Powder Tabita Glow skincare

Face Powder Tabita Glow skincare

The function of face powder of Tabita Skin Care:

  • Treating the beauty of facial skin
  • Maintaining the white color of facial skin
  • Protecting facial skin from negative effect of sunlight
  • Protecting texture/surface of skin to make it always soft and flawless
  • Protecting skin from pollution and dirt
  • Covering pores on face perfectly without causing comedo/blockage of pores
  • You can get skin surface that is 10 times smoother over common face powder

Feel the soft, transparent sensation on face as if you don’t use the make-up. The face powder of Tabita can be applied for other make-up or without make-up since the products of Tabita Skin Care can imply the signature of face on the bright light and reflect the natural, transparent spark like the shine of pearl on the water mirage. Your face will look as if you don’t use mask like what is usually found on the use of common face powder. It is so natural, safe, healthy, and light for daily use as frequently as possible.

The texture of face foundation looks clear and transparent! It gives a glowing and shiny sensation! The natural, dramatic, real effect can be achieved with FACE POWDER TABITA SKIN CARE  you can apply it with matt finishing as the foundation. It is recommended to be careful when purchasing the products.

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